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Ruby and Rails features

Would you be interested in a system to help you discover and remember all the cool features of Ruby and Rails?


Learn with flashcards

The main part of the learning process is using flashcards, you see a question, then you answer it.

Never forget

With our latest SRS algorithm, you will never forget what you've learned. The more you remember something, the less often the system will ask you to review it.

Tiny bits of information

Instead of showing you a wall of text that will take you a long time to read and then that you quickly forget, we show you tiny bits of information every day.


Keep your learning streak going, see stats of what you've learned and share it with others via your public profile. You can also join our private discord server!

How it works?

1Login once per day

The process should be quick.

2Do your reviews

Reviews come from previous flashcards that you chose.

3Streak increase

Your streak increases once per day as long as you finish your reviews.

4Choose your lesson

This will add 5 new flashcards to your reviews.


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